High Salary

An effective Affluent Banking' is the guideline for each step of VPBank Diamond. VPBank Diamond system and people are set up to ensure that customers' requirements are met quickly and accurately.

Preferred transaction 24/7

  • Each Affluent customer is taken care by a Relationship Manager in all financial needs.
  • Hotline 24/7 to serve the requirements of customers anytime, anywhere. (Free) hotline 1800545415 | 8424 73006699 (international)
  • Transaction at home: Transaction service at the address required will shorten any distance of space and time for transactions and banking procedures. Just one call, VPBank Diamond staff will contact and serve all your transaction needs.


Enjoy to select favorite account number

At VPBank Diamond, you has the privilege to select your favourite account number.

Diversified investment products

VPBank Diamond provides range of financial investment products from traditional sustainable saving to investment opportunities, tailored for your need and risk appetite, including:

  • Prime Financial Investment Package: Offer the best interest and fee privileges in the different investment and asset portfolio such as savings, bonding, loans, etc.
  • Corporate bonds and Mutual fund certificates are provided by leading financial institutions in Vietnam


Being designed from tradition elements, World card bring the best offers from leading brands in Vietnam. These offers are not only imbued with national identity but also covered all aspects of life: food, fashion, shopping, beauty, travel, insurance

VIP airport lounge service

VPBank Diamond Elite Lounge is honored to be an ideal point of departure for your journey. Quiet space and high-class services will make everye minutes of the trip more memorable.